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I just discovered this talented ceramicist and I am absolutely in love with her ceramic work! Hilary Mayo makes fine art ceramics; vessels and sculptural pieces using stoneware and porcelain paper clay. Her current current work is inspired by a recent visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (my beloved home country), to volunteer at the Street Child World Cup. She was inspired by the urban reflects of the poverty and hardship of the people who lives in the favela Cicade De Deus, the City of God. For her, is beauty to be found in the details: "...the landscape, peeling paint, a mark on the wall, a rusted nail, a crumbling feature, a wire fence, a corrugated roof......fragments that tell a story."
To symbolize the fragile life of the children who lives in such rush environment, Hilary uses fragments of broken handles and creates receptacles with fragile rims to reflect their precarious situation.

You can check more of her work at http://www.hilarymayoceramics.com/




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