How to Select the Right Paint Finish

Confused about which paint finish is best for your project? No wonder! Selecting the ideal sheen involves both aesthetic and practical considerations. There are several paint finishes to chose from and each offers its own distinct benefits and characteristics, which can be easily identified in the infographic below. Use it as a basic guide to help you choose the ideal finish for your paint. I hope you enjoy!

Image Credit: Andressa Esteves Interiors

Image Credit: Andressa Esteves Interiors

Flat Finish

Image Via:  charismadefined

Image Via: charismadefined

Because of it’s textural and tone down elements, a matte sheen gives a sense of calm and serenity to any interior.

Satin Finish

I love satin finish. It is beautiful and subtle.

Glossy Finish

Image Via:  Murchison-Hume

Image Via: Murchison-Hume

I usually use a glossy finish if I want to add energy and excitement to a room. I recommend applying in small rooms such as powder rooms for example or to a feature wall for extra drama and visual interest.

Image Via:  thedecorista

Image Via: thedecorista

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