Dr. Okashimo’s Sculptural Environments

Winner of the Singapore Design of the Year 2015, Dr Okashimo is a Canadian-born sculptor and landscape architect who’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the practice of meditation and creating spaces of contemplation. He believes that both his practice of meditation and as an artist are strongly connected.

The unconventional way of which Dr Okashimo designs each project is divided in three steps.First, before accepting a project, Dr Okashimo meditates about it- on site. Secondly, he familiarize himself with the project location, by learning about the different aspects of each site, its culture, history, and topography. The third step of the design process is to amalgamate sculpture and the environment as one, which is influenced by the practice of meditation as a form of researching the site. The result is a place a beautiful place of contemplation, a place of calm, that is not only meaningful, but also memorable.

Dr. Okashimo’s advise to emerging artists is to “Take the time to truly understand the context and location of the project. Utilize the power of pausing in your process to give you time to meditate, contemplate and reflect. Work intuitively and keep your focus on bringing meaning and memory into each design.”